New Work

Mapping The Heart


This series was made while undertaking an artist’s residency in a small, remote fishing village in the East Fjords of Iceland.

The landscape is breathtaking, but treacherous and frightening.  Walking alone in nature gives a feeling of freedom and the Icelandic landscape in all its forms is beautifully unique.  Yet, in the back of mind was always the niggling thought that If I were to fall or to injure myself while walking alone, I could die.

There is a certain feeling of unreality when viewing the Icelandic landscape.  A feeling of “how can this exist?”  By creating small dioramas using photographs shot during field trips and stones and other detritus collected from these sites, I have created small, carefully composed dioramas that I have rephotographed.  The resulting images are simulations of the environment and of the experience of the sublime in this landscape.