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Little Secrets Exhibition – Feast for the Senses Dinner – NG Art Gallery


Workshop – The Photograph Transformed – Sydney June, 2013

I had the great pleasure of teaching a workshop as part of my survey exhibition, Looking Backwards Gazing Forwards, at NG Gallery here in Sydney.  We worked in the gallery space surrounded by my artworks.

Using vintage portraits printed on watercolour paper I took the participants through the process of transforming the images with watercolour, coloured pencils, oil pastels and also embroidery.  Everyone had a different approach to their work, and the results were all so beautiful.

This all took place while sharing some wine and delicious savouries – with plenty of good conversation and interchange of ideas.  A pretty good way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
















Looking Backwards, Gazing Forwards. An Survey of the Embroidered Works of Patricia Casey

A Survey of the Embroidered Photographs of Patricia Casey

An exhibition of my works over the last 5 years is to open on 21 May at the NG Pop-Up Annexe. I am also teaching a workshop during this time and the details follow below. Come along for an afternoon of artmaking, food, nibbles and conversation.

A mixed media workshop of photography, coloured pencils, water colour, pastels.



Perth Workshop and Artist Talk

While I was visiting Perth for my exhibition I was fortunate to be able to give a workshop and artist talk in the gallery.  It was a great experience to be able to talk about my work, give some practical tips to those attending the workshop and also to meet some really great people.  The staff and volunteers at the Perth Centre Photography made my stay so enjoyable.  I can hardly wait to go back.

Those attending the workshop brought along their own photographs to work with and I provided the rest!  We spent the first part of the morning looking at examples of other artists working with photography and embroidery.  There are a number of artists both internationally and here in Australia working with the photographic image and embroidery and the participants found it great inspiration to be able to see the scope for this type of work.  Then it was down to work and we went over some basic stitching techniques before embarking on own photographs.  We had a wonderful morning stitching and getting to know one another.  This was followed by an amazing Indian lunch at a local restaurant.  Didn’t feel much like work at all.






Subversive Stitching Workshop


In conjunction with my Exhibition Elsewhere I led a workshop in photography and embroidery at NG Art Gallery, Chippendale.  It was a wonderful evening with participants becoming fully immersed in transforming their photographs into special mementos.  The combination of photography with embroidery is not such a new concept as historically photographic images of loved ones have been transformed into memento mori and embellished with stitching, feathers and often locks of hair.  While some of the participants took a traditional approach towards their work, others embraced contemporary practice and used the needle and thread as a drawing tool.