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Little Secrets – Installation Shots

I am a little sad now that my show at NG Art Gallery is over.  I was so happy with how the work looked in the beautiful gallery – a restored gothic revival church.  It is a great space for an artist to work with.  High ceilings and beautiful light.  Lots of breathing space for the work.

As well as my wall based embroidered photographic works, I also included a sculptural work Sustain Me.  Made with crocheted wire and Swarovski crystals, it was  a delicate veil hanging from a beam in the gallery.  With the light from the large windows behind it draped down and tumbled onto the gallery floor.  Sustain Me formed an interesting link between the the dreamlike states of the 2D images and the physical or “real” world.


Crochet wire sculpture made by Patricia Casey

Sustain Me, Tinned copper wire, Swarovski Crystals.


Sustain Me, Detail









Podcast of Radio Interview with Eastside FM

In this interview I talk to Maisy Stapleton about what lead me to being an artist and how my practice has developed.


Little Secrets II (detail), Photographic montage on archival cotton, embroidery detail





Let me tell you some of my Little Secrets …….

NG Art Gallery presents artist Patricia Casey’s exhibition, Little Secrets.
Track: PJ Harvey – The Wind


Opening Night of Little Secrets Exhibition

My exhibition Little Secrets opened at NG Art Gallery last night – what a fantastic turnout!  Such wonderful support.

Opening Night of LIttle Secrets Exhibition - Patricia Casey


Opening Night LIttle Secrets Exhibition - Patricia Casey - NG Art Gallery


Opening of Little Secrets - Patricia Casey at NG Art Gallery, Chippendale, Sydney


Renowned Australian Photographer Juno Gemes opened the exhibition.  Juno has a wonderful career working with Aboriginal people and was the official photographer at the National Sorry Day.  She has worked as a producer, writer, academic and is an absolute treasure.  Juno spoke with such heart  and understanding of my work.  Here she is lit by her iPad as she refers to her notes.


Little Secrets Exhibition Opening - Patricia Casey at NG Art Gallery



Little Secrets Exhibition Opening - Patricia Casey at NG Art Gallery, Chippendale, Sydney


Crocheting with silver wire threaded with Swaroski Crystals has resulted in this work Sustain Me. This filmy sculpture tumbles from the ceiling onto the gallery floor, linking the internal world of my photographic images with the physical world.


Little Secrets Exhibition Opening - Patricia Casey at NG Art Gallery


Several of my models came along with friends and family and it was so good to see them talking to people in the gallery about the experience of modelling for these works.  These young people are fresh and shiny and full of possibilities.  Working with them was great fun and they were so generous with me.


Little Secrets Exhibition Opening - Patricia Casey at NG Art Gallery


Jenya and I beside two of the artworks in which she features.  Jenya’s beautiful face features in several of the works – and she loves to model!



Little Secrets Exhibition Opening - Patricia Casey - NG Art Gallery, Chippendale, Sydney


Not only does Grace have a beautiful face she also has an amazing voice.  You can read more about her and her band Burn Antares here.


Little Secrets Exhibition Opening - Patricia Casey - NG Art Gallery

Marcus and I “feeling the love” in front of A Visiting Stranger .  He has such a beautiful face and an amazing profile.





Work framed and ready for viewing – Stephanie Hoppen Gallery

I’ve just received news that a selection of works from my new series “Little Secrets” is framed and ready for viewing at Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, Walton Street, London.  Charlotte, the Gallery Manager sent me through these photos of the work in their new silverleaf frames and I am so excited to see what a fantastic job they have done.

We all have an inner core that we choose to keep private, that we don’t share with even with those we are most intimate with.  Caught in a moment of private reverie my subjects are viewed through a veil created by the natural world.  Their secrets are kept close.

If you are able please call in and have a look at the works in the gallery.  To view hi res versions of these works please click here.


The Silent Watcher, Photographic montage on cotton, embroidery detail, 38 x 48 cm



Photography montage, embroidery

Little Secrets (above) 64 x 90 cm, A Half Truth (below) 48 x 58 cm



Photography, Montage, embroidery,

The Outpouring, 38.6 x 51.5 cm


Stephanie Hoppen Gallery

Select works from my new series Little Secrets are now available for viewing (and to buy, if you love them!) at Stephanie Hoppen Gallery London.  This is a beautiful gallery in Knightsbridge with a varied stable of artists and a lively profile.  I visited the gallery during my recent trip to Europe and am delighted to be working with Stephanie and her staff.

These are the works  currently available in London.   I will be showing the whole series, Little Secrets, in Sydney in March 2014 which NG Art Gallery.


Little Secrets I , Photographic Montage on cotton, embroidery detail


The Outpouring, Photographic Montage on cotton, embroidery detail


A Half Truth, Photographic Montage on cotton, embroidery detail


The Silent Watcher, Photographic Montage on cotton, embroidery detail


Beams Festival 2013

The Beams Festival held in Chippendale Sydney,  last night was a wonderful night of illuminations, art, music, food, wine, performance and workshops.  In its second year the Festival organised by the Chippendale Creative Precinct brings together a diverse group of creatives for a one night festival of all things bright.  The local streets were closed down and visitors wandered amongst contemporary art installations and enjoyed a meal at the 50 metre communal table.  The feature of the table this year was whismically decorated candle lights supplied by Studio Artes a supported studio for adults living with disability.  They were jewel like, glowing treasures that were definitely the high light of the night.

I was lucky enough to have my work “Breathe” hovering above the communal table.  “Breathe” is a photographic work on georgette with embroidery detail that evokes meditative states.


"Breathe" Photography on georgette with embroidery detail. Hovering above the communal table








Patricia Casey, Breathe, Installed at Beams Festival Chippendale“Breathe” installed in Little Queens Street, Chippendale ready for the Beams Festival.





Patricia Casey, Breathe, Installed at Beams Festival Chippendale[/caption]

Saatchi Gallery London – Screen Project

A work from my upcoming series has just been chosen to be part of the screen project at the Saatchi Gallery in London.  This is a curated program where artworks from all over the world are shown on a hi res screen in the Saatchi Gallery.  This particular work features the beautiful Grace Farriss as my model – I am so lucky that I have had such generous young people to work with.  I’ll be able to visit the Saatchi Gallery while I am in London next week and see my artwork shown on the screen.  A pretty good start to my trip.

Art work Chosen as part of the Saatchi Gallery Screen Project.

A Secret Love Song


Exhibition – Queensland Centre for Photography – December 2012/January 2013

My work is being exhibited at the beautiful Queensland Centre for Photography over the summer.  It is such a fantastic space and the management team there are so supportive.  While I have exhibited there several times in the past, this is the first time that I have shown my embroidered photographic works, so it will be interesting to get some feedback.


The image featured is Elsewhere (Lucid Dreaming)





Perth Centre for Photography, Exhibition – Scented Gardens for the Blind

The Perth Centre for Photography is located in a beautiful old building in Perth City

Scented Gardens for the Blind, an exhibition of photographic images on fabric combined with embroidery and crochet, opened at the Perth Centre for Photography on 27 June, 2012.

The series was inspired by novelist Janet Frame’s work of the same name.  This book deals with secret interior worlds and private spaces.  The results are works that evoke day dreaming, recollection and hint at a disturbing undertone.

Opening Night

Opening Night


Installation Detail


Installation Detail


The works combine photography with embroidery and crochet - yes at the same time!


Opening Night Crowd

Robert Burratti, from Burratti Fine Art in Perth opened the Exhibition




Elsewhere Exhibition Opening


Elsewhere (Lucid Dreaming)  Photographic Montage on Cotton with Embroidery Detail.


Opening night of Elsewhere Exhibition at NG Art, Chippendale.  It was a very hot night, but despite this the crowds came and it was one of the most lovely openings I have had.  Alasdair Foster, Curator and Principal of Cultural Development Consulting opened the Exhibition and spoke beautifully about my work.  This exhibition features works that combine photographic montages with embroidery and deals with the subject matter of dreaming.


Nicky Ginsberg, Patricia Casey and Alasdair  Foster


My work features beautiful young dreamers wandering through their dreamscapes and fantastical tableaus accompanied by friendly creatures or in states of repose far removed from every day reality.  Luckily I am surrounded by beautiful young people and so had no trouble getting models.  A few of them came on the night and I was able to photograph them in front of the work.

Patricia Casey and Liese Knight with Being There


Bree Pagalday with Second Sight



Cameron Edmond with The Primal Phenomenon