Blog: Patricia Casey

Work framed and ready for viewing – Stephanie Hoppen Gallery


I’ve just received news that a selection of works from my new series “Little Secrets” is framed and ready for viewing at Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, Walton Street, London.  Charlotte, the Gallery Manager sent me through these photos of the work in their new silverleaf frames and I am so excited to see what a fantastic job they have done.

We all have an inner core that we choose to keep private, that we don’t share with even with those we are most intimate with.  Caught in a moment of private reverie my subjects are viewed through a veil created by the natural world.  Their secrets are kept close.

If you are able please call in and have a look at the works in the gallery.  To view hi res versions of these works please click here.


The Silent Watcher, Photographic montage on cotton, embroidery detail, 38 x 48 cm



Photography montage, embroidery

Little Secrets (above) 64 x 90 cm, A Half Truth (below) 48 x 58 cm



Photography, Montage, embroidery,

The Outpouring, 38.6 x 51.5 cm