Blog: Patricia Casey

Beams Festival 2013

The Beams Festival held in Chippendale Sydney,  last night was a wonderful night of illuminations, art, music, food, wine, performance and workshops.  In its second year the Festival organised by the Chippendale Creative Precinct brings together a diverse group of creatives for a one night festival of all things bright.  The local streets were closed down and visitors wandered amongst contemporary art installations and enjoyed a meal at the 50 metre communal table.  The feature of the table this year was whismically decorated candle lights supplied by Studio Artes a supported studio for adults living with disability.  They were jewel like, glowing treasures that were definitely the high light of the night.

I was lucky enough to have my work “Breathe” hovering above the communal table.  “Breathe” is a photographic work on georgette with embroidery detail that evokes meditative states.


"Breathe" Photography on georgette with embroidery detail. Hovering above the communal table








Patricia Casey, Breathe, Installed at Beams Festival Chippendale“Breathe” installed in Little Queens Street, Chippendale ready for the Beams Festival.





Patricia Casey, Breathe, Installed at Beams Festival Chippendale[/caption]

Irish Landscapes

I was going through my photographs from my recent research trip to Europe – I had forgotten how amazing the Irish landscape is.  Here in Australia we never experience the intensity of the Irish green.  These photographs are a couple of my favourites and are sure to end up in my next body of work.  I have not manipulated them or adjusted the colour at all!  The green is almost lurid, but so refreshing on the eye.  Ireland is definitely one place that I plan to revisit soon.