Blog: Patricia Casey

Tasmanian Wanderings


Most of my images are made using photographs of the landscape and manipulating them or combining multiple  photographs to make a new image.  I insert figures and transform them into places and events that don’t exist or have never taken  place.  I then print the images onto fabric and embroider specific parts of the imagery to create a multi layered worlds.

Spent a long weekend wandering around Tasmania photographing the amazing landscape there.  It was a freezing cold weekend, but the landscape is spectacular.

The winter light was beautiful and so different from other places I have visited on the mainland of Australia.


The forest around Cataract Gorge in Launceston at about 9.30am.   I wish I had got up a little earlier to have really captured the mist.


The view from the swing bridge over the Cataract Gorge.

The Derwent River from Hobart

The first sign of spring in Hobart.  I have a feeling these blossoms are going to appear in my new series.

The view from Misty MONA (Museum of Modern and New Art), Hobart