Blog: Patricia Casey

Little Secrets – Installation Shots


I am a little sad now that my show at NG Art Gallery is over.  I was so happy with how the work looked in the beautiful gallery – a restored gothic revival church.  It is a great space for an artist to work with.  High ceilings and beautiful light.  Lots of breathing space for the work.

As well as my wall based embroidered photographic works, I also included a sculptural work Sustain Me.  Made with crocheted wire and Swarovski crystals, it was  a delicate veil hanging from a beam in the gallery.  With the light from the large windows behind it draped down and tumbled onto the gallery floor.  Sustain Me formed an interesting link between the the dreamlike states of the 2D images and the physical or “real” world.


Crochet wire sculpture made by Patricia Casey

Sustain Me, Tinned copper wire, Swarovski Crystals.


Sustain Me, Detail