Blog: Patricia Casey

Beautiful Models for My New Work

I have been very busy photographing and collecting beautiful landscapes for my new series that I am just starting to work on now. Next comes the wanderers in my landscapes and I’ve put the word out for models.  So far I’ve had four sessions with four beautiful young people who have been generous enough to give me their “likeness” to use in my new artworks.  The spring weather was mild and the trees so green now that  the warmth is coming back. The sessions were relaxed and we shared lunch afterwards. I now have a great start to my work.

Here are a couple of my favourite images from the photo shoots.


The natural beauty of Jenya


Jenya with braids


Marcus and the Japanese Maple


The intensity of Jobe


Alexa has such a lightness about her.

I always feel such an excitement when I start a new series of works and it is no different this time.  The process of combining my human subjects with my landscapes is beginning and they are coming together in new and intriguing ways.