Blog: Patricia Casey

Elsewhere Exhibition Opening


Elsewhere (Lucid Dreaming)  Photographic Montage on Cotton with Embroidery Detail.


Opening night of Elsewhere Exhibition at NG Art, Chippendale.  It was a very hot night, but despite this the crowds came and it was one of the most lovely openings I have had.  Alasdair Foster, Curator and Principal of Cultural Development Consulting opened the Exhibition and spoke beautifully about my work.  This exhibition features works that combine photographic montages with embroidery and deals with the subject matter of dreaming.


Nicky Ginsberg, Patricia Casey and Alasdair  Foster


My work features beautiful young dreamers wandering through their dreamscapes and fantastical tableaus accompanied by friendly creatures or in states of repose far removed from every day reality.  Luckily I am surrounded by beautiful young people and so had no trouble getting models.  A few of them came on the night and I was able to photograph them in front of the work.

Patricia Casey and Liese Knight with Being There


Bree Pagalday with Second Sight



Cameron Edmond with The Primal Phenomenon